Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

2018 Heavenly Creatures, David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn.
Foofaraw & Spleen, Lodge Gallery, New York. 
2015      Pavilion XXX, Tampa Museum of Art
2014      Eidolon, Dacia Gallery, New York.
2014      Today's Scrambled Creatures, Eikelmann Galerie at Fountain Exhibit, Armory Week.
2012      Heather Morgan's Red Room, Eikelmann Galerie, Duesseldorf.
2012      "Lascivious," Dacia Gallery, NY.
2011      "Last Chance Salon," El Camino ArtRV, NY.
2008      "WORE!," Jack the Pelican Presents, Brooklyn, NY.
2004      "Kampfbilder," Ladengalerie, Berlin.
2003      "Zwei Seelen II," Ladengalerie, Berlin.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Painting the Figure Now II, Wasau Museum of Contemporary Art, Wisconsin (upcoming)
New Drawings, David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn.
Leveling, Novado Gallery, Jersey City.
2018 Near to You, Pelham Arts Center, Pelham, NY.
"For Shelley", 326 Gallery, New York. 
2017     Summer Invitational, David &Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn. 
2016     #Pussypower, David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn
2016     As Carriers of Flesh, David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn. 
2016     The Fourth Wall, Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles.
2016     Free Time Pt. 2, Steven Harvey Fine Arts Projects, New York.
2016     Roast of Paul Brainard, Lodge Gallery, New York.
2015      "A Variant Form of Lust," Fine & Raw, Brooklyn.
2015      "Oddities," Midway Gallery, San Francisco.
2014      Cologne Art Fair, Burkhard Eikelmann Galerie.
2014      "The Great American Summer Show," Burkhard Eikelmann Galerie, Duesseldorf.
2014      "It's An Invasion!" National Arts Club, New York.
2013      Small and Rare, Eikelmann Galerie, Duesseldorf.
2013      BOMB 32nd Anniversary, Capitale, New York.
2013      Armory Show Centennial, Fountain Exhibit, 69th Armory, New York.
2012      "10 Masterpieces," Eikelmann Galerie, Duesseldorf.
2012      Fountain Art Fair at 69th Amory, New York featured by Dacia Gallery.
2011      "Hyperboreans," Dacia Gallery, New York.
2011      Cheap and Plastique, Fountain Exhibit, Art Basel, Miami.
2011      "Premonitions" Dacia Gallery, New York.
2010      NSFW, Gawker, New York.
2009      "Old School," Jack the Pelican Presents, Brooklyn, NY.
2008      "Dangerous Women", DFN Gallery, New York.